The In-between

...Because "Tomorrow I Cross Over; Tonight I Drink", is too long a title for a blog.

Into Mexico

I've been working on a cross-border project within Mexico and the U.S. (focusing on areas from Sinaloa to Juarez and southern Texas Rio Grande valley).  My effort in reporting and documenting is to photograph the extent to which life in the affected regions in Mexico has changed, and how the existing cross border migration has been affected.  This is to date my first project in North America, as I've mainly focused my efforts outside of the Americas.
Initially, I had success; traveling between Juarez and Sinaloa I came across the obvious signs of ongoing turf and influence wars between the Sinaloan, Zeta, and the even more ruthless and violent CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel).  Let's be perfectly clear here: CJNG may sound like a funny attempt at rebranding by someone having attended a few marketing and advertising seminars--  This all bellies the ruthlessness and hyper-violence they've employed in carrying out their brand of enforcement, expansion, and revenge.
A famous example being the execution of 35 members of a rival gang including women and the subsequent dumping of the bodies in the middle of an interstate during rush hour (as reported in the Daily Beast's Cartel Watch). 
More recently, they've taken up the tactic of bringing the war to the authorities; from brazen guerrilla-style attacks on police to shooting down an army helicopter and executing the survivors.